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We're the misfit crew behind Cavelifestyle, a gathering of DIY dads who have emerged from the chaotic trenches of life with a bag full of quirks, a heart full of love, and an unyielding determination to break the mold.
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Our Culture

At Cavelifestyle, our mission is to empower geeky, DIY dads and help them become positive role models, defying the challenges they faced growing up. Through our projects, stories, and humor, we inspire and entertain, fostering a supportive community where fathers can connect, learn, and embrace their inner superheroes.
We believe that being a dad doesn't mean giving up on your passions and quirks; it means celebrating them. By sharing our DIY triumphs and comical mishaps, we encourage dads to unleash their creativity, explore their geeky side, and forge unforgettable memories with their children.
Through our podcast, online events, workshops, and classes, we provide a platform for dads to exchange ideas, share experiences, and expand their skills. We strive to create an inclusive environment where fathers can connect with like-minded individuals, find guidance, and learn valuable lessons from one another.
We are committed to breaking stereotypes, challenging societal norms, and fostering a new generation of dads who embrace their unique identities. By being unapologetically ourselves, we aim to inspire a positive transformation in fatherhood, one that values authenticity, humor, and the pursuit of personal growth.





"Embrace the chaos of fatherhood; it's where the magic happens"

We're a bunch of self-proclaimed geeks who, despite facing more challenges than a level 99 boss battle, are determined to rewrite the script of what it means to be a positive role model. Whether we had our fair share of divorces or grew up with a dearth of decent parental role models, we're flipping the script and forging our own path as kick-ass dads.
At Cavelifestyle, we've mastered the art of embracing chaos and turning it into comedy gold. We'll have you snorting your morning coffee through your nose with our hilarious stories, side-splitting humor, and downright outrageous adventures. No topic is off-limits here, from diaper disasters to Minecraft marathons and everything in between.
But hey, we're not just here to tickle your funny bone. We've got substance too! Our ever-growing library of projects, from DIY baby cribs to building your own superhero lair, will unleash your inner handyman and leave your kids in awe of your super-dad skills. Plus, our stories and experiences will remind you that you're not alone in this wild journey of fatherhood.
So, grab your tool belt, dust off your lightsaber, and join us on this epic adventure called fatherhood. Together, we'll embrace the challenges, laugh in the face of adversity, and show the world that geeky dads can rock this parenting gig like a boss. Welcome to Cavelifestyle, where the pixelated meets the practical, and the chaos becomes one hell of a good time!

Looking for connection?

We've got you covered like a protective shield against the woes of parenting. Tune in to our epic podcast where we spill the beans on all things dad-related, join us for online events where we gather virtually to swap tales of triumph and tragedy or dive into our workshops and classes to learn badass skills that will make your kids think you have magical powers (they're not wrong!).
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Join us on this exciting journey of redefining fatherhood. Together, we'll celebrate the joy of DIY projects, weave laughter into our parenting adventures, and leave a lasting legacy of love, laughter, and geekiness for our children to cherish. Welcome to Cavelifestyle, where extraordinary dads unite to create an extraordinary world.
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